Jail Release Options

How to Get Released from Jail in La Habra

In the state of California, those who are arrested have many choices for getting released from jail. Some of them require financial agreements and others do not.

A bail bond is the most common option that people choose. With this method you must enter into a contract with a bail bonds agent. You pay a percentage of the bail, and the bail bondsman posts bail for you. Part of contracting with a bail bonds agent is that you must show up to all court dates. If you do not, the agency will send a fugitive recovery agent after you to regain the bail money they posted on your behalf.

Another way you can get out of jail is if you are released on what is known as your own recognizance. A judge makes this decision on the belief that the defendant will show for all court dates. Nothing is required for this option other than to appear at all court dates.

Cash bail is an option you may have if you can afford a large sum of money upfront. In this case you do not need a bail bonds agent but simply post the entirety of bail by yourself. This will usually be in cash or a cashier’s check.

If you committed only a trivial crime, the court will just give you a citation and a court date. Then, you will be released.

The last option is a property bond. Very few go this route because it involves using property as surety for bail. This means the defendant must have property that can be appraised at 150% the bail amount. If they do, the court will put a lien on it and foreclose if you do not appear on all court dates.

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