How Bail is Set

How Bail is Set in La Habra

At the state level, bail is completely regulated. In California, bail schedules are set by a panel of judges in each county. Annually, this panel gets together to discuss the needs and crime rate in each county and determines bail costs for each individual crimes. The bail schedule is then used as reference every time a judge must set bail.

California, specifically Orange and Los Angeles Counties, are known for having the highest set bail in the nation. This is partly based on incomes in the area.

If find yourself facing a charge, know that the bail schedule isn’t always followed 100%. There are certain circumstances which may make the judge want to make your bail lower or higher then that set our in the schedule. Such instances include:

  • Making it higher if you are a flight risk
  • Making it higher if you have a long criminal record
  • Making it higher if you are very wealthy
  • Making it lower if you have little or no income
  • Making it lower because you are highly likely to show at court dates

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