Following Arrest

The Process That Follows An Arrest in La Habra

Step 1: Processing

Processing is the very first thing that happens once someone is arrested and arrives at a law enforcement facility. A full search of the person is conducted, and all items are confiscated. Items that are illegal will not be returned, and the offender may find them self facing extra charges involving those items. Personal belongings like wallets and cell phones will be inventoried for the offender to sign off on. These items will only be returned at the time of release.

Step 2: Booking

Following processing is booking. It involves a background check, fingerprinting, checking for warrants, cross referencing in the criminal database, and updating you in the system. This enters you in the system so that you are in line to be arraigned and determines the necessity of a transfer to another county due to a warrant there.

Step 3: Waiting

After booking is done, you will most likely be led to a cell. Either a pay phone will be in that cell, or a the jailer will allow some time to use a phone at his or her own convenience. This is the time you think about your options and let loved ones know what happened. If you are wanting to use a bail bondsman, give your family member all needed information when you call.

Step 4: Arraignment

The arraignment is the hearing where you will formally be charged with something. You have an option to plead here or you can wait until your trial date. This is also when you or your lawyer will fight for your release. You may try to convince the judge to release you without bail. If they allow you to be released on bail, our bail bonds agent will be able to post bail for you.

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