Bail Costs

The Cost of La Habra, CA Bail

While many people believe that the purpose of bail is punishment, the actual purpose is to ensure that the defendant will show up to their court dates. This is why bail costs and bond fees must be regulated by the California government. The law makes sure that costs are fair based upon the crime.

Each year, judges in each county gather together to make a decision about the bail costs for each offense. The more serious the offense, the higher the bail will cost.

The purpose of this bail schedule is for the judges arraigning an individual to have a fair reference for the bail cost. However, this amount is not always set in stone. The judge will decide to edit the bail cost depending upon how trustworthy an individual seems. If you have a steady job and ties to the area or less income, the bail might drop. Likewise if you are a flight risk and have a criminal history, your bail may be set higher than that set out on the bail schedule.

The bail premium or fee in California is set at 10% the cost of bail. In example, if you use a bail bondsman for release, and your bail was $25,000, what you will end up paying is $2,500. You can do this upfront, or an agency may be able to set up a payment plan.

Remember: The law says that the fee must be at least 10%. Anyone offering less is doing so illegally.

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